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Skunk Removal in Utah

At ARP our main goal is to work with the customer to remove unwanted skunks from their home or structure. We want our customers to know that we have their best interest at heart. We plan to make our visit as quick and painless as possible.

We are Licensed and Insured.


What we do to get rid of skunks

Skunks are generally considered to be gentle and passive, but they often carry rabies, and if you should surprise one and it sprays you (or your pets) then you'll have a very big smelly problem. Skunks will spray if they feel threatened, and you will be at considerable risk if you decide to take things into your own hands and get aggressive. Using a gland located under their tails, they can shoot their vile protection liquid 15 feet. When you see one, just lower your hands and head, making yourself as non-threatening as you can and slowly back away. Skunks often find their way under the porch, in through doggie-doors, into open garages, crawl spaces and even attics. They are looking for food and/or shelter.

Our first step in getting rid of an invading skunk is to inspect your home, inside and out, to find the animal. We then employ strategies to trap the creature without getting sprayed. We then determine what needs to be capped , screened or sealed in order to keep the skunks from re-entry into the home. We also repair any damage done to your home due to skunks.

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