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Gallery: the story of animal removal and prevention for your home

This is Animal Removal and Prevention of Utah's gallery page. It tells the story of where the creatures go, how they get in, how we trap-and-release them or bait-and-kill them, and how we seal the home to prevent future trouble. Let us know if you have any questions.

racoon needs removalracoon  in atticpossum removalsquirrel in hidingskunk removal neededbat removalracoon getting indormer squirrel entranceattic ventsquirrel damage and entry pointchimney capchimney fluteattictrapping rodent preparationsquirrel trapreleasing trapbait stationfoundation cracks need sealingdryer vent unsealeddryer vent unsealedfixing roof sealingroof vent screenscreening out rodentssealing entry points


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