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About us and what we do

Our name says it all. We are specialists in Animal Removal and Prevention. We inspect your home to determine what kind of critter you may have. We then determine what needs to be capped, screened or sealed in order to keep your critters from re-entry into the home. We also repair any damage done to your home due to the critters. We remove any contaminated debris including insulation. We also blow in new insulation, fix roofs, dormers, soffits, roof vents, foundation vents, louver vents, dryer and bathroom vents, chimneys, etc.

Problems and fix examples:

chimney flutechimney flute cap

dryer ventdryer vent cap

attic ventroof vent screen

foundation crackssealing cracks

967 East Gordon Ave, Layton UT, 84040
TELEPHONE: 801-543-5856
FAX: 801-543-0102

squirrelrat removal

raccoon removalbats


EMERGENCY SERVICE 24/7 available